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We are AstroBrisbane, a content creation company based in Brisbane Australia. We help business's tell their story online and create a genuine connection with their audience.  We do this by providing video and marketing solutions that focus on achieving a valuable return.


Video Content that works

Making great video content is all about understanding where the video fits into your marketing and mix, that's why we created the AstroBrisbane video constellation: a guide to using video in your business


Good ideas are where it all starts but separating the good ones from the great comes down to identifying your objective. Knowing whether you're creating a video for reach and exposure on social media or a video that will push interested customers further down your sales funnels is going to make the next 4 stages of this process a lot easier.

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Visualising your idea is an important part of making sure everyone on the team is on the same page. Good pre-production means every detail is planned out so we spend less time on set and editing ensuring we run a smoother communication line meaning less time and money spent for everybody involved.


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On Set

This where the magic of Hollywood happens, it's lights camera action and all the preparation is paying off. Being in front of camera can be a little nerving - after all it's something you might not be used to. Our onset warm up rituals and acting direction is there to help you loosen up and be yourself in front of camera.

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We get all that good footage and wrangle it up to start building the story right from the blue prints we made in pre-production.  Then our editing wizards add some magic touches like the logos, graphics and animations to make sure your  video is looking it's best.


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One of the most underrated stages of the video constellation the publishing process determines how many customers your video is going to get in front of.  Knowing how you can leverage social media influencers and advocators to get in front your audience can make a big impact to your campaign.


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